Collision between Quetta Express, Karachi Express and Tezgam

4 July 2005 (0345 Hrs): 24 Dn Quetta Express which was to run through Sarhad was detained on the main line due to a fault on the train brake system. The starter and advance starter were set to green while the 24 Dn train crew  were working under the affected coach. In the meanwhile,16 Dn Karachi Express was given a paper line clear at  Mirpur Mathelo to proceed to Sarhad .

The 24 Dn was leading the 16 Dn by half an hour. With this thing in mind the crew of 16 Dn misjudged the GREEN starter signals as CLEAR and the RED outer and home as faulty .(A report regarding the faulty signaling  system at Sarhad was lodged about 45 days ago). The 24 Dn had an oil lit tail lamp which has a visual range of  about 200 meters. Now as the 16 Dn approached  the OUTER the red tail lamp of the 16 Dn brake van loomed into view. The 16 Dn crew applied EMERGENCY BRAKE but the distance was insufficient because of a low braking power. 

Two coaches of the 16 Dn which had dragging brakes were isolated from the rake's braking system which was not reported to the driver of the 16 Dn. So he was unaware of the depleted braking  power of  his 16 Dn . Nevertheless , his reflex action did save lives on the16 Dn. The 16 Dn ploughed into the detained 24 Dn because of the fact that the turnout was not set for the loop line While the domino effect was in progress the 7 Up Tezgam was flying through the Up main line. Only the locomotive  and three coaches had crossed when the catapulted coaches of the 24 Dn started nudging the rake of the 7 Up.

 0352 hrs :-dust and blood, wailing humanity crushed steel bear testimony to the arrogance of the Railway Ministry .  More promises will follow but no budget will be sanctioned due to the fact that nothing is left after the major chunk is  eaten up by Defence .   


Nine wagons of goods train derail

21 Aug 2005: The upcountry Super Parcels Express jumped the rails while crossing the Malir Bridge near Landhi in the Karachi Division. Eight bogies were substantially damaged when an axle broke due to over loading .
PRACS a subsidiary of the PR has been awarded the contract to operate this train . In order to increase the earnings the bogies are loaded by volume rather than the weight. A bogie therefore carries a load of 60T against designed loads of 42T.
Eight bogies were completely damaged . The rail traffic was suspended for 24 hours. All down trains were terminated at Landhi and the rakes and the locos made the turn around from Landhi.


Seven rail coaches fall into ravine

29 January,2006: 7 coaches of the 108 Down Lahore Express jumped the rails near Domeli, a station 33 kms short of Jhelum. 4 of the coaches slid into a 50 feet ravine over the sharp curve. The 108 Down is the fastest train on the PR network which covers the Rawalpindi-Lahore run in 3 hrs and 30 minutes. The exact cause of the crash is not yet known and never will be . The casualty rate is surprisingly low . It can be attributed to the crash safe design of the Chinese coaches.


Karakoram Express derails

4 February, 2006: MULTAN - At least one person was killed and 30 others were injured when Lahore-bound Karakoram Express derailed near Kalanchwala Station, about 30 km from Bahawalpur, early on February 4, 2006.
The ill-fated train, carrying 933 passengers, was en route Lahore from Karachi when its eleven coaches suddenly derailed and the engine plunged into the earth at about 3:15 am between Samma Satta and Dera Nawab Sahab. At least five boggies overturned after the derailment. The train comprised of 15 bogies hauled by engine number 6020.
The PR authorities term the accident to be an act of sabotage since fish plates were removed before the arrival of the train. The rails are welded on this section therefore, the presence of the fish plate will remain a mystery.


Two goods trains collide near Kotri

10 February 2006 : A Chinese container train carrying chemicals collided with a stationary oil train in southern Pakistan on Friday, sparking a fire but causing no casualties, officials said. The accident happened at Ungar railway station around 180 kilometers (110 miles) north of Karachi.

 The train carrying oil was on the track at the station when a northbound goods train hit it from behind and a fire broke out. 18 wagons of the goods train were burnt out in the blaze, and some oil was spilled at the scene.

The locomotive No.8201(HGMU30) hauling the chemicals special was completely gutted. According to a Pakistan Railways technical staff, the oil special was detained on the block section due to a brake fault while the chemicals special lost its vacuum on the steep down grade. Pakistan Railways' vacuum brake system is in total disarray and spares not readily available.

Cynics are of the view that the collision took place on a straight stretch of 10 kms and sufficient distance for the crew of the U/C to apply manual emergency braking.

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