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Pakistanrail exclusive videos by Zakir Khan.

From a loco deck, through the carriage window or at a railway station, you will find interesting videos about life that revolves around Pakistan Railways...More....

Images of Pakistan

Pakistan Railways locomotives.

All you need to know about Pakistan Railways Locomotives.

The newest addition to Pakistan Railways. A Chinese built...More....

Pakistanrail travelogue by Zakir Khan.Today was the once a month Sunday when the Khyber steam train makes its run through the historical Khyber Pass...More...

Images of Pakistan
List pf PR stations and trains
Rolling stock of Pakistan Railways.

Rolling stock of Pakistan Railways

High quality modern passenger coaches from China  are now being used in Pakistan Railway's newest  high speed Karakorum express operating between Karachi and Lahore. More.....

Karachi Circular Railway.

A section of the Karachi Circular Railway i.e Karachi City --Landhi has been re-opened w.e.f   8th March 2005. This section was already operative with six trains. .More...  

News about railways.
News on train accidents.
Pictures of PR's accidental locomotives.
Pakistan Railways steam locomotives gallery. Pakistan Railways Steam power.

The history of Pakistan Railway is incomplete without the mention of steam power. Since 1947 for well over 50 years Pakistan Railways plied these powerful iron horses on freight as well as passenger services. SP/S , HG/S , CWD , XC , meter and narrow gage steam locomotives were widely used. The steam gallery is a collection of steam locomotive pictures which were working while the photographs were taken.

Currently HG/S Class  is utilized for occasional safari trips in the Rawalpindi and Lahore Divisions.More....

Pakistan Railways accidents.January 2006: 7 coaches of the 108 Dn Lahore Express jumped the rails near Domeli.  4 of the coaches slid into 50 ft ravine over the sharp curve. More...

Pakistan Railways archive.
Series of photo galleries depicting life at Pakistan Railways. (New)
Pakistan Railways Heritage Society.

An exclusive photo gallery depicting life around  Pakistan Railways.  More....

Pictures of PR's accidental locomotives.An exclusive photo gallery of Pakistan Railways'  accidental locomotives.More....

Technical data on Pakistan Railways locomotives.

Pakistan Railways Archives.

An exclusive photo gallery of archives...More

Series of photo galleries depicting life at Pakistan Railways.A series of photo galleries take a diverse look at Pakistan Railways. More..

In 1967 two brothers Zakir and Tahir Rashid Khan bought their  first camera, a DIANA{HKK make}. The first picture exposed was of a 1400hp ALCO with a freight train near KC. Then down the line this duo...More....

It is so unfortunate that Pakistan Railways which has a very rich heritage was not able to preserve it for future generations as a source of research and education. PRHS which is now renamed as pakistanrail.com approached Pakistan Railways in 1998 with a suggestion to preserve the grounded steam locomotives of SP/S, HG/S , CWD Class. Initially the locomotives were placed at main railway stations of the 7 Divisions of Pakistan Railways. Later on a Railway Museum was established at Golra Railway Station in the Rawalpindi Division.

Due to the sluggishness of PR management only about 30% of PR heritage could be preserved.

Pakistanrail.com took up the challenge of building locomotive and rolling stock models that are and were in use of PR. Due to paucity of space it was decided to scale down the models to 1:20 and 1:40. These models provide the railfans a 3D aspect of the actual object. Alco, Alsthom, emd, Henscell, GE, Hitachi, Dahlian Ziyang etc are in the pipe line....More...

Technical data on PR locomotives.
Technical data on Pakistan Railways locomotives.
Locomotives' horse power, length, weight, axle load, manufacturer, max speed, fuel capacity, traction effort and more!  This page provides basic physical data of Pakistan Railways locomotives....More...

List of Pakistan Railways stations and trains.  More...

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